Monthly Archives: August 2005

Suggested Fantasy Football Team Names

Culled from various sources:
– The Ron Mexicans (My team)
– The Whizzinators
– Just the Tip
– The Sex Panthers (Bill Simmons team)
– The Hyman Roths
– Boies in Da Hood (My buddys team; he works for uberlawyer David Boies)
– The AriGolds
– Pantalones Fuegos
– DicButtKiss
– The Tight Ends of Cruelty
– The Syphilitic Spurts of Blood
– Testicular Torsion (Chris Lynch)

More Regime Change at NYP

The new team at New York Press has taken over, and presents their “manifesto” in last week’s issue. And if they stick to it, I’ve got a feeling the paper’s about to get a LOT better:

We care about good writing and intelligent ideas, not ideology… but a good newspaper does more than express the tastes of its editors, and there will be many ideas and arguments in New York Press with which we furiously disagree. The Press has a fine tradition of vigorous disagreement within its pages, and this will continue. The one thing we never want to hear about this paper is that you agree with every word in it.

Guess that excludes you, Taibbi, and you too, Alan Cabal.

A Tale of Two Billboards

Seems like everyone’s talking about that new ad campaign for Dove’s new “firming soap,” featuring a variety of non-stick-thin women (NSTWs) posing suggestively and boasting that the product was “tested on real curves.”
I’m generally supportive of the campaign, as someone who has been quite vocal about my preference for NSTWs, and my heart is gladdened by the rise of both the campaign, and– it’s good to see that most men agree that Lindsay Lohan was much more attractive as a NSTW than as the curveless stick she is today.
And besides- there’s no doubt that the women in this billboard-

are much, much more attractive than the ones in this one:

I mean, couldn’t they find anyone who doesn’t look like an AEPhi sister from Hofstra?

Film Critic Quote of the Week

“[Dukes of Hazzard] is a film that is not there. It can’t really be reviewed because it doesn’t really exist. It is not empty calories, which implies pleasure, but simply empty. It’s a cosmic void where a movie ought to be… with no plot, character, or dialogue worth experiencing, let alone remembering, the film merely occupies space on the screen and hopes for the best.

Kenneth Turan, in the LA Times. Hey, I liked “Dukes.” Not a cinematic classic by any means, but at least it was fun- and the sequence with Willie Nelson throwing moonshire “grenades” from the back of a car between one-liners was one of the better comedy moments of recent times.