Yes, Exactly

Simmons, making an argument I have myself, numerous times:

Well, you ask, isn’t that what following sports is about, arguing about dumb things? Absolutely. But you have to admit, with each passing year these subjective arguments become a little more uninteresting. Baseball player gets “snubbed” by All-Star voters, we go crazy … and never mention it again. Same for the Heisman and any Coach of the Year, or for Sportsman of the Year and the Best Team ESPY, for that matter. This year some of us have reached a curious low, hotly debating the AL Comeback Player award, with Bob Wickman backers claiming Jason Giambi isn’t worthy because his past struggles were related to steroids. Wait, now we’re assigning moral significance to our awards? By the way, can you remember anyone who has ever been Comeback Player of the Year?

Then again, I remember Bill writing multiple columns about the Steve Nash/Shaq MVP “controversy.”

2 thoughts on “Yes, Exactly

  1. Mike in Seattle

    i DO remember a past Combacker of the Year. I was a kid in cleveland when Andre Thornton won it.
    i dont have an opinion on this either way (other than the homer in me wanting the tribe guy to win it), but…would you have considered someone like strawberry to win comback of the year, if he had the numbers to back it up? or some other cokehead in general.


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