Monthly Archives: September 2005

The “Commander-in-Chief” Premiere

The verdict: eh. Good acting and interesting subject matter, but my lord what an unwieldy and implausible premise. All in all, way too reminiscient of the awful 2000 movie “The Contender”- directed by series creator Rod Lurie- about a female vice president under seige from an EVIL Republican male congressional leader, a premise that purposely excludes the sympathies of any non-liberal. And I like the idea of the generally liberal VP having a conservative daughter- but why must that daughter be 13 years old?
I’ll try watching it again, but I’m not optimistic- after all, as Ross Douthat pointed out, everything Lurie has ever produced in his career has been crap, with the exception of the short-lived cop show “Line of Fire.”

Down Goes DeLay

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been indicted on criminal conspiracy charges. Between this and Jack Abramoff, if the Democrats can’t make gains from this next year, they’re idiots.
UPDATE: Reports are David Dreier will step in as the new majority leader. Interesting, especially considering long-held rumors about the Congressman. I’m watching “Connected Coast to Coast” on MSNBC, and Ron Reagan is practically biting his lip to avoid mentioning it.
UPDATE II: Melissa Stark works for MSNBC now? She wasn’t good enough to remain a sideline reporter on “Monday Night Football,” but now she’s a news anchor? How long before Fox News hires Lisa Guerrero?
UPDATE III: The new leader will not be Dreier, but Roy Blunt. Andrew Sullivan scratches his head.

The Republicans’ Gay Hart

From a Washington Post story about a pair of longtime Republican activists being named to top posts at the Corporation For Public Broadcasting:

Cheryl F. Halpern, a New Jersey lawyer and real estate developer, won approval from the CPB’s board… The board also elected another conservative, Gay Hart Gaines, as its vice chairman. Gaines, an interior decorator by training, was a charter member and a chairman of GOPAC, a Republican fundraising group that then-Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) used to engineer the GOP takeover of the House in 1994.

Gaines, the article tells us, is a woman. But how someone with the name “Gay Hart”- who is an interior decorator– managed to rise high in the realm of Republican politics is among the great ironies of our age.

In Defense of the Phillies, Cont’d

The Philadelphia Daily News editorial page, telling it like it is:

“Certain joy is watching superb shortstop Jimmy “J-roll” Rollins’ assaulting an ancient consecutive-game hitting streak while vacuuming up every line drive or grounder within 10 yards of him. It’s watching Ryan Howard become a shoo-in for rookie of the year while Bobby Abreu (97) and Chase Utley (96) try to join Pat Burrell in the 100-rbi club, becoming the first Phillies threesome to do so in 73 years.
Certain joy is watching the late-inning heroics and come-from-behind wins that have allowed the team to overcome season-ending injuries to its top slugger and to the ace of its pitching staff and still find themselves only aa game out in the wild-card race with six to go.
Just the chance to cheer your team to victory ought to be enough to fill the stadium for each remaining game. Win or lose, they have earned our support in this important stretch run.
Let’s stop worrying about where this thing will end and enjoy the ride while we can.”

Amen. The editorial, of course, caused OUTRAGE today on WIP.

Back in Business

Vikings 33, Saints 16
Finally- the Vikes are no longer the worst team in the league. They managed a convincing home victory on Sunday, with Daunte Culpepper actually playing like himself for once, and Mewelde Moore rushing for over 100 yards and making us all forget The Whizzinator. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, Randy Moss was utterly humiliated in his “showdown” with Terrell Owens, catching five passes for 86 yards and no touchdowns, as Oakland lost to the Eagles and fell to 0-3. No, we don’t miss him, and yes, we are still glad to be rid of him.
But just when you thought the McCombs/Moss era was over, two Vikings last night were arrested at a gas station at 3 AM for disorderly conduct.

This Week in Tice-Bashing

– Peter King, writing in SI, says that one reason Mike Tice hasn’t yet been fired by the Vikings is that the assistant coaches are just as clueless as he is. “There’s not a logical person on his coaching staff — not even the once highly regarded Ted Cottrell, presiding over a badly underachieving defense — to serve as interim coach,” said King, who in May predicted that the Vikings would win the NFC title (Full disclosure- so did I).
– The latest rumor about a Tice successor- Pete Carroll. Intriguing… he’s a former Vikings assistant, was the runner-up in ’92 when the team hired Dennis Green, and I always felt he got a bum rap during his three years in New England (when he went 10-6, 9-7, and 8-8, and his biggest crime was that his name wasn’t Bill Parcells). And Carroll, of course, is now headed towards his third straight college national championship. I’m all for it- though I somehow doubt Pete is clamering to leave USC for the NFL and the frigid winters of “Minny.”
– I’m sticking with Culpepper as my fantasy QB for one more week, until he’s benched in favor of Carson Palmer.
– And finally, Simmons:

“They’re finished. They stink. Like many others, I underestimated the effect of Moss’ departure on this team — he stretched the field, made mediocre running backs look good, saved Culpepper’s hide 3-4 times a game on those downfield heaves and always got the home crowd going. Now? It’s a poorly-coached team with no running game, no playmakers, a mediocre defense and an erratic QB who obviously can’t handle the increased burden of being The Guy. Those first two games were not a fluke. I’m writing them off. I implore you to do the same”

Saints on Sunday- can it get any worse?