The Kandi Man Can’t

I think it’s safe to say that basketball has plunged to a distant third among my favorite sports, after baseball and football; I can’t decide if it’s my own personal preference, or the decline of the NBA in general. The season gets underway later this week, and I can say pretty confidently that the Miami Heat look like champs, probably beating the Denver Nuggets in the process.
I’ve no idea how the T-Wolves will do, after last year’s championship contender collapsed, though I was amused by a quote in Jack McCallum’s diary in SI last week of his tour of duty as a Suns assistant coach:

When the conversation turns to Stoudemire, whose five-year, $73 million contract extension will be announced on Media Day, the coaches sound more like fans. “Last season he dunked on [the Houston Rockets’] Yao Ming and didn’t even look at him,” says Weber. “Yao is 7’6″. How is that possible?”
“Yao wasn’t looking at him, either,” says Iavaroni. “He had his eyes closed in fear.”
“I’m not sure his best dunk wasn’t against Adonal Foyle in the Golden State game,” says Gentry.
“The one against [the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Michael] Olowokandi was better,” counters Weber. “Olowokandi’s 7’1″ and his wingspan must be 9’6″.”
“That doesn’t count,” says Gentry. “Olowokandi’s a pussy.

I’m a Wolves fan- he’s our pussy.

2 thoughts on “The Kandi Man Can’t

  1. Matt

    You think the Denver Nuggets are going to win the West over the Tim Duncan, Mano Ginobli, Michael Finley, Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Tony Parker, Nick Van Exel led Spurs? Oh, and how could I forget RASHO!
    I guess you’re trying to make one of those sexy picks like SI does every preview issue which never comes to fruition.


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