Obnoxious Receivers of the World Unite!

Geoffrey Norman of the Weekly Standard writes that the loss of the Terrell Owens appeal means trouble for American unions (which, since it’s the Standard, is in Norman’s eyes a good thing).
Not sure I buy that- the millionaire vs. billionaire conflicts inherent in sports labor disputes tend to have little to no resemblance whatsoever to their real-life counterparts, and I don’t remember any solidarity between, say the AFL-CIO and the MLB Players’ Association. Besides, there’s no way any other union, private-sector or public, could ever dream of the success these days that the MLBPA has enjoyed for decades. Interesting analysis, nonetheless.
TO was actually on my friend LilB’s plane heading down to Atlanta over Thanksgiving, though he reports that Owens did not rush the cockpit mid-flight and demand a renegotiation of his ticket fare.

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