Road Rage- WOOOOOO!

News Item: Wrestling’s Ric Flair Arrested in Road-Rage Incident.
Flair reportedly grabbed another man by the throat and later kicked his car, though there’s no indication he placed the man in the figure-four. The mug shot is a beaut, although they didn’t let him put his robe on for it.
And yes, I realize this is the first wrestling post I’ve done in the last year that didn’t involve somebody dying.
Oh yes it does! Galley Slaves (of all blogs) also linked to this list of wrestling obituaries, and I was sorry to hear of the passing, just last month, of The Crusher, the legendary AWA/Minnesota competitor from the ’60s who was unquestionably my dad’s favorite wrestler of all time. The Crusher, real name Reggie Lisowski, was crushing beer cans against his head when Stone Cold Steve Austin was in preschool.

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