Monthly Archives: November 2005

Thome For Rowand

ESPN reports that the Phillies have agreed to trade Jim Thome to the White Sox for centerfielder Aaron Rowand and two prospects. Sounds like the best they can do for now, although if you’d suggested this trade a year ago I’d have told you you were nuts.
With the White Sox expected to keep Paul Konerko, this likely means the end of Frank Thomas in Chicago.

Eagles Win

So they can’t win on the field. But the Philadelphia Eagles today pulled off their first victory in over a month today, winning their grievance against Terrell Owens. Arbitrator Richard Bloch ruled that the Eagles have the right to suspend Owens and de-activate him for the remainder of the season; if you have a problem with that, there’s something wrong with you.
There’s also something wrong with Newsday, which for some reason reported this morning that Owens’ suspension was “expected to be reduced,” paving the way for his release. Oops.

Quote of the Day

“After almost three years of combat, the standard of debate ought to have risen and to have become more serious and acute. Instead, it has slipped into a state of puerility. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, squeals about cowardice and suggests that those who differ are stabbing our boys in the backand then tries to revise her remarks in the Congressional Record. This is to sink to exactly the same level as those who jeer that sympathizers of the intervention should “send”as if they couldtheir own children, if they should happen to have any handy. Or even to the level of those who claim that anti-war criticism demoralizes “our men and women in uniform.” I can’t be absolutely sure of this, but the “men and women in uniform” whom I have met, and who have patrolled edgy slums and nasty borders, are unlikely to burst into tears when they hear that someone even in their home state doesn’t think they can stand it. Let’s try not to be silly.”

Christopher Hitchens, in Slate, talking some sense about Iraq. I’m sick to death of all those stupid arguments too.

A Marlin Move?

The Florida Marlins, already in the midst of their second post-championship fire sale in 7 years, are making noises about moving from Miami.
Go, I say. As anyone who has ever watched a game or highlights of a game at Pro Player Stadium, it’s clear that no one down in Miami cares about the Marlins or has any interest in going to games, and they’re going to continue to play to tens of thousands of empty seats no matter how many championships they win. Besides, more people in Florida root for the Yankees than the Marlins and Devil Rays combined.
Can you say “Las Vegas Marlins”?
UPDATE: I see this blog is #1 on Google for “Marlins Vegas.”

Met Gains

It’s shaping up to be quite an offseason for the New York Mets- Flush with the cash that comes from their new TV network, they traded for Carlos Delgado today, they’re in the hunt for Manny Ramirez, and free agent closer Billy Wagner is visiting Shea this week and appears set to leave the Phillies for the Mets. They even had Wagner do a press conference with Mets logos behind him- very strange for someone who hasn’t signed yet. (Or was it a “simulated” press conference?)
I can already hear the Philly talk radio spin- if Wagner stays, the Phillies suck ’cause they gave him too much money; if he goes, they suck because they couldn’t keep him, and they’re too cheap, and the owners suck, and Pat Gillick is their yes-man, and blah-blah-blah.
Meanwhile, Met fan Eric isn’t sure he trusts Wagner– ’cause the closer’s video game alter ego once let him down. That’s as good a reason as any, I suppose.

Farewell, Ted

Even though I haven’t watched the show probably in 6 or 7 years, I enjoyed tonight’s final episode of “Nightline” with Ted Koppel. On it, Ted revisited the story of Morrie Schwartz, the former Brandeis sociology professor who inspired millions with his courage in facing slow death from Lou Gehrig’s disease, after which his story was adapted into the bestseller “Tuesdays With Morrie” by his former student Mitch Albom.
I always liked the Morrie story, though I hated how my classmates at Brandeis used to try to piggyback him to campus political causes (“this isn’t what Morrie would’ve wanted!”), and a friend once pointed out that Schwartz’s philosophy was so simplistic that it was the same as Jerry Springer’s: “take care of yourselves, and each other.”
But regardless, good to see that footage again. And Koppel’s farewell at the end was a home run, imploring viewers to continue watching the show with its new triumvirate of hosts, lest they put in a comedy show to replace it. Nice dig at Jimmy Kimmel, whose days really have to be numbered at this point.

Quote of the Day

“All you have to do is take a small step back, remove yourself from the doomed Eagles season and read a message that we are writing season-by-season: Superstars beware – it is no longer safe around here, for even the good guys. Suffer an injury at your peril. Tolerance for big-game mistakes: Zero. You can and will be replaced… It would also be nice next August, when the reconstructed Eagles report to Lehigh, if fans extend a mulligan to Donovan McNabb. If the 2005 season has been a nightmare for people who paint their faces green 10 days a year and die a few inches with each Eagles loss, imagine what it has been like for McNabb. Playing in pain. Playing with the mounting scorn of Terrell Owens in surround sound 24/7…Imagine and give the guy a do-over.”

Bill Conlin of the Philadelphia Daily News, rightfully pointing out the insanity with which the Eagles fanbase has turned on Donovan McNabb seemingly overnight. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.