Someone Bites on the Fart Blogger

For the past few weeks the communal e-mail account at the newspaper where I work has been getting frequent e-mails from a gentleman, Bill Downs, who refers himself as a “fart expert.” Whenever any event is going on- whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the Super Bowl- Fartman comes forward to offer himself as an expert on gas and its prevention, free to be quoted in news stories. He even started a blog, called Trafon (“No Fart” spelled backwards).
I’ve never called him and no one else at my paper has either, but today the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Blinq blog gave him a plug. At least Daniel Rubin gave the post a funny headline (“Roughing the Passer.”)

1 thought on “Someone Bites on the Fart Blogger

  1. DBrooks

    “Roughing the passer”–writing headlines can be an art, and this is a great example. I often find myself thinking of better headlines when I read my local newspaper.


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