Blonds Have More Fun, Less Credibility

Jack Shafer of Slate has a side-splitting “photo essay” on the prevalence of vacuous blond women on cable news, led by the worst of them all, “Hurricane” Rita Cosby. The highlight:

Blond hair may have already passed as a sexual signifier on news networks. The new blond is lips, specifically what people inside the industry call “Fox lips,” and they are worn by Fox’s Laurie Dhue, Fox’s Gretchen Carlson, and MSNBC’s Rita Cosby, three top blondes. Achieved in the makeup room in a procedure that sounds one step this side of cosmetic surgery, I’m told that powder, pencil, and paint can turn even the weakest mouth into a juicy vagina dentata.
How big are Fox lips? When Rita Cosby switched from Fox to MSNBC, a construction crane was called in to move hers, which resemble a pair of oily, red eels mating angrily.

Yes, Cosby is so talentless, and so fixated on reporting on frivolous garbage, that she’s more dangerous to the news business than 200 Bill O’Reillys.
UPDATE: Speaking of which, this Dubai ports kerfuffle has so re-ordered the usual sides of partisan bickering that the following exchange actually took place tonight on O’Reilly’s show:

Rep. Peter King: You and the Washington Post are all alike.
O’Reilly: You and Maureen Dowd are all alike.

1 thought on “Blonds Have More Fun, Less Credibility

  1. David

    I thought this photo essay was hysterical too, especially the Campbell Brown to Campbell Blonde bit. Stay a brunette, Campbell, that’s my feeling.


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