Quote of the Day

James Lileks, pretty much summing up my position on the United Arab Emirates port security scandal:

“Im not worried that some evil emir is putting a pinky to his monocled eye, and saying Mwah! at last I have them where I want them! Im worried about the guy whos three steps down the management branch handing off a job to a brother who trusts some guys who have some sympathies with some guys who hang around some rather energetic fellows who attend that one mosque where the guy talks about jihad 24/7, and somehow someone gets a job somewhere that makes it easier for something to happen.
Thats a lot of ifs and maybes. But I dont want any ifs and maybes. You can’t eliminate them all, of course, but I would rather we had a system devoted to worrying about ifs and maybes instead of adopting an official policy of Whatever.”

1 thought on “Quote of the Day

  1. David

    IMHO, this has very little to do with security issues, and everything to do with rewarding friends of the Bush family and administration with juicy contracts. For Bush to say “leave the security to us” is beyond laughable.


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