Monthly Archives: February 2006

O’Reilly’s Favorite Story of the Year

This one:

The shirts worn by Brokeback stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal are for sale on eBay as part of an auction to benefit Variety the Childrens Charity of Southern California. As of this writing, the bidding had reached more than $20,000, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Props from the gay cowboy movie are being sold to benefit children? The gay agenda continues to corrupt our children, and do it while they’re young!
(Who will make this argument first- O’Reilly, or Colbert?)

Clubhouse Attendants Rejoice!

Kevin Brown has retired, following a 19-year big league career. Brown quits with the all-time major-league record for most locker room inanimate objects destroyed. As I once wrote of Brown, “Throughout their careers [Brown and Gary Sheffield] have very much cultivated the clubhouse cancer label and Brown, in fact, represents a literal physical danger to the clubhouse itself — no wall, water cooler, or light fixture is safe for as long as hes around.”

Scariest Newspaper Disclaimer of the Week

At the top of the Boston Globe’s website:

TTN. Boston Globe subscribers: Confidential credit and bank card account information of Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette subscribers who pay for their home delivery subscriptions by credit card was recently inadvertently disclosed on the back of slips used to label bundles of the Worcester Sunday Telegram. The bank routing information of some Telegram & Gazette subscribers who pay by automatic withdrawal may also have appeared on some of these newspaper bundle sheets.

Could a mistake of that magnitude possibly have happened by accident? Yikes. I’ll leave further analysis to my former colleagues at Bank Security News.

Quote of the Day

Chris Satullo, in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Face it, the only real value [White House press briefings] have is to provide fodder for Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. They have as much to do with real journalism as a Harlem Globetrotters game has to do with the NBA Finals.
And they are a trap. This absurd play-acting is all most Americans see of the practice of journalism. The setting is designed to make reporters look churlish and impotent. This bolsters the conservative view that reporters are impudent hacks, and the liberal delusion that if only reporters asked the really tough questions, W. would break down like a suspect on Law and Order, sobbing, “Yes, yes, I lied and people died!”

Satullo rightly points out that the right’s gimmick these days is to always, no matter how badly they’ve screwed up, to change the subject to that of “liberal media bias.” That’s how Michael Medved can say with a straight face that the biggest news story of 2005 was “the media’s bungled response to Hurricane Katrina.” And yes, that is how they win.

Quote of the Day

“It is a complete delusion to believe that the major source of our problem today is something called “Islamophobia.” No: the problem is terrorism and tyranny propagated under the banner of Islam. Without that, no Danish cartoon could have been conceived of, let alone published. That is the real and far more blatant blasphemy. If 10,000 angry Muslims had marched in London after the bombing of a major mosque in Iraq, I’d be impressed. But they didn’t. Until they do, the West has nothing to apologize for. The Muslim world needs to take the beam out of its own eye, before it removes the speck from the West’s.”

Andrew Sullivan.