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And Again, Not a Word About Him in the Brandeis Alumni Magazine

News Item: Jack Abramoff Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison
And this is only the Florida fraud charge; he’ll get more time for all the other charges.
And in other Abramoff news, check out this outstanding Weekly Standard cover story in which a young writer talks about the dinner he shared with the disgraced lobbyist at Signatures. Abramoff actually pitched the idea of a “making of” book about the Dolph Lundgren movie “Red Scorpion,” which he produced.

“Sopranos” Thoughts

Another very good episode, I thought. And while the Tony-in-a-coma thing served its purpose, I’m about ready for the show to get “back to normal.” And may I venture a prediction? The final scene of the final episode of the series will have Tony walking into that house.
A few other observations:
– Was Tony’s vision of Los Angeles as purgatory/hell part of his fear about Christopher someday betraying him and going into the movie business? Someone pointed out that “Crystal Monostery” sounds a lot like “Christopher Moltisanti.”
– Speaking of which, there’s no way this movie-pitch idea could possibly end well. No one who willingly brings in Little Carmine as a partner deserves to succeed as an investor.
– Lots of wonderful little moments, my favorite being an angry Vito binge-eating carrots. He’s all-but-certain to be whacked, whether it’s for being gay, or just because he’s generally an asshole, one who’s almost comically un-self aware. Who else would describe themself as a “healthy man,” after going from 350 pounds to 300? I bet he gets clipped by Phil after he finds out about Vito cheating on his cousin.
– Paulie’s “conversation” with Tony was priceless as well. We know Paulie’s not too bright, but did he really not notice the rising heartrate, and the beeping?
– I’m very, very glad we were spared the scenes of Janice nagging Bobby over the money he lost (after Silvio’s ruling, RE: Vito). I guess the writers realized Janice couldn’t possibly be more loathsome than she already is, and left it at that.
More to come next week; those upset with the lack of bloodshed the past two weeks should be gladdened by the image in the preview of Paulie whacking someone with a pipe.

Quote of the Day

From an excellent New Republic editorial on the false conflation between “angry” and “liberal”:

To be fair, not all Democrats are as affectless and disciplined as [Hillary] Clinton. [Howard] Dean really is angry, as are demagogues like Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan. But the problem with the Moores and the Sheehans is not that they’re angry; it’s that they’re wrong. The Republicans have substituted a temperamental category for an ideological one. When they fail to demonstrate a philosophical failing, they try to demonstrate a human failing.
That’s the true damage extracted by this Republican attack. They have defined anger down. A good, honest emotion has been trashed in pursuit of cheap political points…
There are also obvious commercial reasons for conservative commentators to expend so much energy denouncing anger. Rage, after all, is an essential part of the Fox News ethos, where Bill O’Reilly makes Howard Beale look like Dag Hammarskjld. Pretty clearly, these conservative commentators will denounce Democrats as angry, because that will make their audiences angry, generating even larger angry audiences. And you know what that makes us.

Coming up next on Fox… angry Democrats! You’ll be outraged!

Media Critic Quote of the Week

Debra LaFave, the Florida high school teacher who recently pled guilty to charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old student, reportedly wants to go into journalism. Daniel Ruth of the Tampa Tribune likes the idea:

There might be some suggestion that a woman with a checkered past, a host of legal problems, struggles with mental illness and a sexual history of Mata Hari-esque ill repute is disqualified from daring to enter the hallowed inner sanctum of a news organization.
To which it might be suggested – come on in, Deb, the water’s fine. You’ll feel right at home.
Indeed, the Fourth Estate historically has been populated by so many drunks, nut cases, egotists, eccentrics, manic-depressives and preening poltroons, that if Lafave is looking for an environment that will allow her to fade into the woodwork, she’ll find no better respite from infamy than journalism.
To those who might get all huffy that Lafave is too morally challenged to flash a press pass, two words: Marv Albert.

I think what Daniel is really saying is “they’re aren’t enough hotties in my newsroom.”

Stop That Man Before He Dances Again!

Think twice before you dance in South Beach:

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Dancing in the street got Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones arrested.
Jones was charged with the misdemeanor of failure to obey a lawful command after he allegedly refused to stop dancing outside a South Beach club early Sunday, according to Miami Beach police.
“He refused several orders to get out of the street, and he was arrested,” said police spokesman Bobby Hernandez on Monday.

If only he moved his feet better on the field.