Quote of the Day

“[Phil Sheridan’s] column on fan frustration reminded me of something I’ve been thinking about for awhile: How Philly fans are preventing their own liberation from championship purgatory with their toxic negativity. I’v been as frustrated as anyone by the Birds’ failure to win a Super Bowl, but Eagles fans need to reevaluate their relationship to the team. The loss to Carolina in the NFC title game is a perfect example. As soon as things started going wrong, dread seemed to settle over the stadium. Booing is fine when it’s deserved, but fans who turn on their team or curl up in the fetal position at the first hint of trouble negate the home-field advantage. Bill Simmons is right when he says that booing serves no rational purpose. Philly fans and Eagles fans in particular need to realize that being the best fans is more than being “tough.” It’s also about exhorting and willing the team to victory.”

A writer to Phil Sheridan’s awesome Q&A forum, one of the few places in Philly sports media which avoids relentless negativity.

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