The Ghost of Mora

Attention, Colts fans: If the Cincinnati Bengals overtake you next year in their climb towards the top of the AFC elite, you can blame… Jim Mora, the coach the team fired five years ago. That’s according to this week’s SI cover story, on Carson Palmer’s injury rehab, in which the quarterback had this to say:

Stuck on crutches for eight weeks and deprived of his two favorite off-season activities, golf and pickup basketball, Palmer seethed. “I was so bored that I watched the whole [NFL] combine on TV,” he says. “At one point [former Saints and Colts coach Jim] Mora was talking about my injury and said something like, ‘He definitely won’t be back for the first game, and when he comes back he won’t be playing as well as he did before, and the team will suffer.'” Palmer felt like screaming back at the TV. “That pissed me off,” he says. “Who is this guy? Isn’t this the guy who said, ‘Playoffs? Playoffs?’ He doesn’t know me, and he doesn’t know how hard I’m going to work. I’ve used that as fuel — I keep thinking of all the naysayers who don’t believe I’ll make it back. I’m going to prove them wrong.”

Mora was a very good NFL coach, but apparently that press conference will haunt him until his dying day. Especially now that it’s on YouTube.

1 thought on “The Ghost of Mora

  1. LilB

    so “diddly poo” is a separate press conference? Jim Mora should have been allowed to bounce around *somewhere* in the league – if only b/c he is OFF THE CHARTS in terms of UCR!


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