More Great T-Wolves News

Well, the goodwill from the drafting of Randy Foye lasted exactly one day, after today’s news that Minnesota Timberwolves center Eddie Griffin was busted for drunken driving after getting into an accident, but cops let him off. The man Griffin hit with his car is suing, and there’s even videotape. But no, that’s not even the most embarrassing part, according to the Star Tribune:

The suit alleges that Griffin was watching a pornographic DVD in his SUV and masturbating when he crashed about 2:30 a.m. on March 30.

This is especially embarrassing, considering that the team had a player, Malik Sealy, actually get killed by a drunk driver just a few years ago.
So he was drunk AND masturbating AND watching porn AND he offered to buy the victim a new car (“but not a Bentley”) if he kept quiet. Shouldn’t he be playing for the Vikings instead?
UPDATE: WCCO has the surveillance video. Also, there’s an interview with the Minneapolis police chief, who vows that any wrongdoing in this case will be dealt with. The chief’s name? Dolan. There’s something about that last name that just turns anything it touches, NBA-related, to shit.

1 thought on “More Great T-Wolves News

  1. LilB

    he was drunk, masturbating, watchin pr0n and driving … but the article notes that apparently, it was a dropped cell phone that caused the crash. Which means of course that … Eddie Griffin was on the phone while all that was going on. Awesome.


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