Sexual Perversity in Waltham

I thought there was a lot of creepy stuff happening in the Watch City back when I lived there, but that was apparently nothing compared to this recent scandal (as reported in Matt Taibbi’s “Week in Sportscrime” column):

“But even that wasnt as weird as the reported tale of Waltham High School teacher/assistant basketball coach Robert Dacey. If you havent heard, police say that Dacey brought middle school boys back to his home, convinced them to blindfold themselves and lie on a table while they waited for a masseuse friend of his to come in, and then allegedly committed sex acts with the boys while wearing a wig and fake fingernails so the boys would think their sex partner was female. Bet on this Boston-area Crying Game scandal turning into a Canadian-produced Lifetime movie in the near future, the only plot change being that Daceys character will be apprehended by a crusading mom whom no one believed, played by Facts of Life actress Lisa Whelchel.”

Hey, Blair was pretty hot back in the day. For Waltham, anyway. And what kind of school would hire someone to work with boys whose name rhymes with “Gacy”?

3 thoughts on “Sexual Perversity in Waltham

  1. LilB

    My favorite Cracktham story still involves Jim Leyritz’ wife and the costume shop. Although, knowing what we know now about the Duquette regime, it’s entirely possible that the charges were false.

  2. Nell

    He was my favorite teacher for years. I had him in 7th and 8th grade and i was in his middle school plays. Its hard to think he would do this to a student. a lot of crazy people seem normal and live normal lives, its just hard to believe the Mr Dacey did this. Hopefully the people making the accusations are truthful and im sorry for all the pain youve gone through. rumor has it that a kid i went to school with was involved, its just so hard to believe even now. My respects go out to all the victims and their familys and even to Mr Dacey and his family…rip


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