Eckstein Award Nominee

You’d think someone with the name “Gabe Gross” would be a shoo-in to be Jewish, but you’d think not about the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder. From Bill Simmons on Friday:

“Not to sound like legendary Hollywood producer Bob Ryan, but what if I told you that Gabe Gross uses a Christian song for his at-bat music that includes lyrics like “help me Jesus!” and “Hallelujah!” Is that something you’d be interested in?”

Not to mention, reverse Eckstein points for “Bob Ryan,” Martin Landau’s character on “Entourage.” They couldn’t think of a Jewish name for him?
That Simmons column, by the way, made me extra excited to make the Chicago-to-Minneapolis drive through Wisconsin next week, as part of our road trip. I used to do it a couple times a year, but haven’t since ’99. We’ll have to count the Favre jerseys, and the cheese signs.

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