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Film Critic Quote of the Week

“Given that the Atlanta duo OutKast is one of the most creative forces hip-hop has witnessed, it’s ironic that the biggest problem with its first feature film is that the music is so mediocre — a serious failure when you’re trying to revive the movie musical.”

Jim Derogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times on “Idlewild.” I agree- I loved the style, and there were some legitimately great moments, but the musical numbers really left something to be desired.

Sexual Perversity in Waltham

I thought there was a lot of creepy stuff happening in the Watch City back when I lived there, but that was apparently nothing compared to this recent scandal (as reported in Matt Taibbi’s “Week in Sportscrime” column):

“But even that wasnt as weird as the reported tale of Waltham High School teacher/assistant basketball coach Robert Dacey. If you havent heard, police say that Dacey brought middle school boys back to his home, convinced them to blindfold themselves and lie on a table while they waited for a masseuse friend of his to come in, and then allegedly committed sex acts with the boys while wearing a wig and fake fingernails so the boys would think their sex partner was female. Bet on this Boston-area Crying Game scandal turning into a Canadian-produced Lifetime movie in the near future, the only plot change being that Daceys character will be apprehended by a crusading mom whom no one believed, played by Facts of Life actress Lisa Whelchel.”

Hey, Blair was pretty hot back in the day. For Waltham, anyway. And what kind of school would hire someone to work with boys whose name rhymes with “Gacy”?

The Year of the Boof

It’s been a big year so far in ’06 for people named Boof. Not only has Boof Bonser made the Twins’ starting rotation, but a woman named Kola Boof is claiming in a new book that she was the mistress of Osama Bin Laden. Osama expert Peter Bergen’s take:

The worst book of the year, is surely Diary of a Lost Girl: The Autobiography of Kola Boof. Boof, a Washington DC-raised Sudanese-American womanist poet, has garnered publicity with her claim that she was Osama bin Ladens mistress in the mid-90s. In lurid prose she details her life as bin Ladens moll. However, the book is rife with howlers large and small, for instance, there is one vividly recounted scene in which Boof performs sex acts on a group that included bin Laden; Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaedas number two; Abdullah Azzam, bin Ladens mentor, and Sayyid Qutb, the Egyptian jihadist theoretician. Boof says this happened in Morocco in 1996. However, in 1996 bin Laden was living in Sudan, Ayman al Zawahiri was imprisoned in Dagestan, Azzam had been assassinated in Pakistan thirteen years earlier, and Qutb had been lying in his grave for three decades. Boof should stick to poetry.

Or pitching.

Survivor: Race War

I’d really love to know who decided this was a good idea. “I know! Let’s take television’s most popular reality show, and turn it into the prison riot episode of ‘Oz'”! If it really works, they can do it by religion next time- I can’t wait for the Jews vs. Muslims immunity challenge.
Isn’t this the sort of idea that ends the careers of every top network executive, while causing a racial discrimination class action suit, to boot?

Centanni Update

A group with the Monty Python-like name Holy Jihad Brigades has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Fox News reporter Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig, and released a videotape of the two men.
The group, which waited much longer than usual to reveal themselves and was previously unfamiliar to anyone familiar with the region, sounds like a bit of an amateur operation. But meanwhile, this ridiculously underreported story is finally getting play on the news, which I’m glad to see.
Speaking of which, a commenter over at Karol’s blog has some inside information that may solve the mystery of why we’ve barely heard about this:

About 3 days after the kidnappings (about a week or so ago) I called my buddy, who is one of the video edit managers at Fox cable news and asked him where the media was. Before he responded I asked him if it was the obvious, that fox had orders just to say it happened but not pontificate or have any talking heads on the matter for fear of aggravating the kidnappers and putting the kidnappees in more danger.
And he said, exactly, everyone got a memo from Murdoch himself saying something to that effect. They are in negotiations to get them back, and they’ll trashtalk all they want after theyre back or after theyre dead.
For now they are ordered to “report the kidnapping, and switch to the next story”
How’s that so hard to understand?
Murdoch is trying to get 2 of his own guys back.
As for the other stations, they are probably respecting this.

Makes a whole lot of sense to me. I heard someone else suggest that Murdoch buy back Centanni and Wiig’s freedom, and then immediately send assassins after the kidnappers. Assuming, of course, that Murdoch has in-house assassins.

Let There Be Porn

Yes, now they’re going after hotel room porn:

A coalition of 13 conservative groups — including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America — took out full-page ads in some editions of USA Today earlier this month urging the Justice Department and FBI to investigate whether some of the pay-per-view movies widely available in hotels violate federal and state obscenity laws.

I say, bring it on. This is going to backfire on the right, and here’s why: Conservatives like porn, too. Unlike all those “cultural’ and “decency” issues that Republicans like to campaign on for the sake of “the children,” hotel porn is something enjoyed by adults, at least the majority of the time, without children present. And, as Bill Maher once said (because no one but him would ever say this), hotel porn actually prevents affairs, because men on business trips watch it instead of going out. If Spectravision went away tomorrow, expect to see adultery (and prostitution) skyrocket soon after.
Let the GOP become the party of no-more-porn, and see where they end up as a result.