Now He’ll Bash the Mexicans in Just One Market, Instead of Nationwide

The right-wing radio talker Jay Severin, who is every bit as entertaining as he is batshit insane, has announced that he will cease his nationwide talk show, known as “Jay Severin Has Issues,” in order to appear exclusively on WTKK in Boston.
Severin, among other misdeeds, has: Referred to Pat Buchanan as “my personal and political hero”; spread on the air an obviously false internet meme that suggested Al Gore didn’t know who Osama Bin Laden was; advocated invading and occupying Mexico “and making English their official language;” lied about winning a Pulitzer Prize; and left Tucker Carlson’s MSNBC show under mysterious circumstances. Other than that, though? Great guy.
My favorite moment of the all-too-brief Syndicated Severin Era? Probably the time the Kidd Chris-affiliated Cream Team bombarded him with five prank phone calls in a row. I don’t think Jay ever recovered.
I’m sure more exciting stuff than that happened, but Severin’s show has been pre-empted most nights in Philly by baseball games (and by Sinatra on Fridays).

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