Kevan Barlow, Great Judge of Character

During a Comcast Sportsnet segment tonight on the T.O. fallout (isn’t there always some sort of T.O. fallout?), the reporter interviewed Jets running back Kevan Barlow, a teammate of Owens’ in San Francisco, for reaction. Barlow said that he wished Owens well, because he always found T.O. to be “a great guy.”
Yes, this is the same Kevan Barlow who, after being traded from the Niners last month, said that San Fran coach Mike Nolan is both “like a dictator” and “like Hitler.”
So, let’s review: Terrell Owens = Great guy. Mike Nolan = Hitler. Though if you believe Owens, the only person in that formulation who has ever attempted suicide is… Hitler.

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