2 thoughts on “Yes, We Have Failed in Iraq

  1. Jeremy Wahlman

    I’ve said it before, but, at least to me, the “rush to war” wasn’t a rush as far as starting the actual war, but rather a rushed decision to go to war. Those are very different things; it’s like the difference between deciding to buy a house and actually signing the papers and moving in.
    I’ve always felt the decision to invade Iraq was made extremely quickly (roughly 9:18 am on 9/11/01), even though the actual war didn’t begin for another 18 months.
    That, more than anything else, is what bothered me about the decision.
    Sadly, it’s not macho to change one’s mind (even if new information comes to light), and so the quick decision to invade Iraq – even if it took 18 months to actually occur – was an irreversible one, and a very poor move by the President. Would that he had flip-flopped on this one.
    Of course, I said all of this more than three years ago 🙂


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