Film Critic Quote of the Week

“[Rachel] Weisz just doesn’t register–it’s one of those roles where you can tell the filmmaker is in love with her and thus thinks you are too. (Call this the “Ed Burns Casts His Girlfriends Syndrome.”)”

Sean Burns, taking apart “The Fountain” on the House Next Door, a blog you really should be reading every day if you’re even the slightest bit of a film buff.

4 thoughts on “Film Critic Quote of the Week

  1. A

    First off, I am surprised you out this quote bc I thought RW was in your top 5. Second, any real film buff would know that Brad Pitt and Kate Blancett were supposed to be in this movie first and RW was Aronofsky’s last choice bc she is his wife.

  2. Marti

    Wow. This is kind of a bummer. All the hype surrounding The Fountain that has been filtering in through places like AICN has me really excited to see it. But… I want it to be *good* gosh darnit. Thanks for the heads-up on that other blog though. Highly entertaining and it filled my empty hours.


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