Damn Gophers

The worst football year for the state of Minnesota ended tonight, when the Gophers blew leads of 21 and 31 points, in losing the Insight Bowl to Texas Tech in overtime. After the Gophers went into the locker room with a 28-7 lead, I turned the game off to watch a movie; when the movie ended it was a three-point game, soon won by the Red Raiders with a touchdown. Ugh.
Fire the coach. Fire the athletic director. These guys make Brad Childress look like Vince Lombardi.
UPDATE: Apparently, someone was listening to me: Coach Glen Mason has been fired.

2 thoughts on “Damn Gophers

  1. Benjamin Kepple

    Hi Steve — As a Michigan alum myself, I was rooting for the Golden Gophers and was stunned at how they gave the game away in the last 20 minutes. Apparently Texas Tech’s comeback was the best in college bowl history, but if Minnesota had done ANYTHING to interrupt Tech’s progress, it wouldn’t have happened.

  2. Freddy

    And it’s not like winning the Insight bowl is a great honor anyway, making the collapse even more pathetic. Mason should get the axe already.


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