Film Critic Quote of the Week

“The low-point of her acting career, [Diane Keaton] essays a character whose pathological interference into her daughter’s life is rationalized as a product of never having had an orgasm. Nothing less, nothing more. We learn this in a scene where Daphne has lost her voice (thank God) and has to spend a few days with Milly, jotting down her frustrations on a notepad. Keaton, sadly, accepts the anti-woman reductiveness of the script with embarrassing and ingratiating gusto… wearing what appears to be dresses-cum-clown-suits of her own design and always holding a cake in her hand that inevitably splatters across her face.”

Ed Gonzalez, of Slant, on “Because I Said So”- and he’s far too kind. What a horrid, insulting film, one made up almost entirely of telegraphed gags that are recycled from old sitcom conventions. And you have to love a movie whose central conceit is that the mother of Mandy Moore- a totally gorgeous 25-year-old who, by the way, is a professional chef- is afraid her daughter will be alone forever.

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