Aqua Teen Terror!

Yes, the terrorist attack in Boston this morning was a hoax- and it’s all Err’s fault.
Suspicious packages around the city, which police feared were bombs, were actually viral marketing for… the upcoming “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” movie. The threat, though, caused all subway traffic and several major roads to be shut down. According to

The objects that had been placed on bridges and other infrastructure across the city are patterns of lighted dots in the shape of a boxy character on the cartoon show. The lights are on a black rectangle a little larger than a laptop and flash purple and blue.
The boxy character is named Err and appears to be raising his middle finger and giving an obscene gesture. Err is described on the “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” website as “rebellious and angry.”

Ignignot, however, is totally in the clear.
I just hope that people don’t take this out on “Aqua Teen” itself, to the point where the show itself or the upcoming movie is jeopardized.

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