The Shortest Campaign Ever?

If Joseph Biden drops out of the presidential race in February of 2007, did he still “run for president in 2008”?
Biden, despite about ten other previous declarations, announced for president this morning, and let’s just say the momentum didn’t quite carry him far. Also today appeared a New York Observer profile in which Biden is quoted as saying the following about Barack Obama:

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, he said. I mean, thats a storybook, man.

Now, the idea of whether it’s insulting or condescending to call a black person “articulate” is one that’s debatable- and it’s been debated, most notably on David Mills’ excellent Undercover Black Man blog. I tend to think it can be- especially when using the phrase “he speaks so well”- but in Obama’s case, a strong part of his appeal is that he is one of the most inspiring orators in present politics.
But Biden takes it a step further- I mean, calling a black person “clean”? I know it had been awhile since an African-American had served in the Senate, but was Biden expecting him to show up covered in dirt? I’d been thinking Biden, considering his foreign-policy background, had a pretty good shot at the veep slot, either with Hillary, Obama, or whoever else the nominee is. But now that Joe has put his foot in his mouth once again, I’m guessing that’s not so likely.
I first heard about this on one of the conservative radio shows today, during which the host and all the callers predicted the media would give Biden a pass. But CNN spent at least an hour on the story this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “The Shortest Campaign Ever?

  1. A

    It’s not the first time the sr. senator of DE has put his big foot in his mouth. Looks like we found a replacement for John Kerry this year…

  2. J. Lichty

    The democratic love for Obama is by and large racist, along the same lines as what we see on the other side with Colin Powell and Condi Rice.
    WHile most republicans would actually disagree with their views, they love them because they can cast off all of that white guilt by supporting an “articulate” black. I see the same thing with my liberal friends who are having Obamasms. I have heard many even say . . . I love him because he is so articulate.
    Its funny that, although Obama certainly sounds smooth when he talks and speaks proper American english, he really doesn’t seem to say much when he talks — in short, he speaks a lot in platitudes.
    It will be interesting to see where the MSM lines are drawn on Barry Obama. God I love Democratic primaries – the media does not know who to root for.


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