Monthly Archives: February 2007

Headline of the Year

I don’t know what’s funnier- this headline, or that one of the two mens’ names is just one letter away from “Joe Lieberman.” (Via Andrew.)
UPDATE: After becoming a Blogosphere-wide laughingstock, the Green Bay paper has decided to change the headline above. For the story about two longtime friends who had started a tool company, they went with the headline “Long-time fishing Buddies Get Down to Business With S&M Tool.”

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Armond White on David Fincher’s “Zodiac”:

“Problem is: Finchers technique distracts from a resolved mystery or narrative closure; it encourages apathy that suggests resolution and absolution are impossible. Zodiacs ending is a shocking let-down, not because its gruesome but because it nullifies itself. This time, Fincher puts everybodys head in a box. Toschi and Graysmiths decades-long pursuit becomes a dead goose chase.”

Critical reaction to “Zodiac” so far has been almost uniformly positive (89% on the Tomatometer), but I didn’t care for it. It felt less like the great “Seven” than a really, really long episode of “CSI” or “Criminal Minds”- one in which they don’t even solve the mystery at the end. Also, it’s too long by about 45 minutes.

It Needed To Be Done

News Item: Vikings release Brad Johnson
It’s not a surprise and it had to be done. Johnson is like many, many quarterbacks in the NFL: He’s shown flashes of brilliance in his career, and also flashes of mediocrity, with a season seldom going by in which he doesn’t show both. In other words, there’s a reason he’s been with five different teams.
As a middling QB, Johnson is no different at all from Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Rex Grossman, Trent Dilfer and (yes) both A.J. Feeley and Jeff Garcia. The Vikings, in choosing a QB for ’07, would be wise to avoid all of the above.