2 thoughts on “Headline of the Year Nominee

  1. LilB

    there’s a lot about this story that is very telling. for example, the fact that a bunch of frat guys got horribly upset by a female college student who wandered into their house, sat on their couch and masturbated. they even threw out the couch afterward! this says to me that either they are gay or more likely, the chick was fat. now if abe was a brother in that frat, there would have been no problem…

  2. J. Lichty

    As a fraternity guy from the heyday of the late-eighties/early nineties and Michigan alum, I was devastated to hear of the apparent Homosexual reaction of the PIKE house, however, the great MZONE, has been covering this “scandal” (inlcuding pics of alleged perp) and someone purporting to be PIKE fraternity members have reported more details, casting them in a much more hetero light. See here and here.
    If the commenters claiming to be members of the PIKE house are to be believed, it was one member of the fraternity who freaked out at the prospect of being “Duke Lacrossed” called the cops to the dismay of the the other guys who had watched the show for a half hour.
    The couches were not destroyed, rather, in the time honored apholstery salvation maneuver, the cushions were simply turned over.


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