Frothy Mixture: The Movie

America’s worst ex-Senator, Rick Santorum, has announced this post-political career plans. He’s joining a Pittsburgh law firm, he may become an Inquirer op-ed columnist, and… he plans to make documentaries.
What will the first be about? It’s “the relationship between radical Islam and the ‘radical leftists in various countries around the world.'” Because as we all know, there’s nothing more liberal than radical Islam.
For those more inclined to take in Mideast analysis from someone who isn’t a complete lunatic, Michael Totten’s latest dispatch from Iraq has him meeting with some Iranian exiles in Kurdistan who are… unreconstructed Communists. So going by the Santorum thesis, they must be natural allies of the Islamist mullahs in Tehran, right? Uh, no, not so much. Here’s Michael:

Whatever they think of our politics, they know very well that we are not enemies. Their enemies rule in Tehran, as do ours. 3,000 members of the Komalah Party are martyrs, as Kamal had earlier put it, and not one of them was killed by an American.

Whoever ends up giving Santorum funding for his sub-Moore garbage film, their money would be much better spent on Michael Totten.

1 thought on “Frothy Mixture: The Movie

  1. Freddy

    I was hoping I would never hear from Santorum again, but I knew it was wishful thinking. Hopefully he will fail as badly at making a movie as he did at being a senator.


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