NFL Draft Thoughts

I watched nearly the entire first day, including the six-hour first round, and while I can’t explain why exactly the draft is fascinating, I was glued to the TV the whole time. A few thoughts:
– The Vikings had their first good day in quite awhile. Adrian Peterson’s going to be quite a pro, and to top it off, he’s in a state where about 500,000 people have his same last name. He’s going to be a gamebreaker, and would be even more valuable if his team had any quarterback or receivers to speak of.
– Randy Moss to the Patriots- something just doesn’t sound right there. He’d better keep his shit together, because Belichick isn’t going to let slacking off slide the way Mike Tice and Art Shell did. But what a horrible investment that turned out to be for the Raiders- they trade the 7th overall pick and a starting linebacker for Moss, and then two years later trade him for a mere 4th rounder.
– Shocking, I know, but no one in Philly is happy about the Eagles’ draft, in which they traded out of the first round and used their first second rounder on quarterback-of-the-future Kevin Kolb. The disconnect comes from national journalists and analysts (including Mel Kiper) believing that the Eagles are a loaded team with few holes that is an obvious Super Bowl contender, while everyone in Philly thinks that the team is in disarray and full of glaring weaknesses. True, they could have used a linebacker or safety with those picks, but I don’t think picking Kolb is going to keep them out of the playoffs.
– Worst luck of anyone: Brady Quinn. Not only does he drop out of the top 5 into the 20s, but he STILL has to play for Cleveland.
– However, there’s one thing everyone should know about the draft: Like William Goldman said, Nobody Knows Anything. You can’t grade today’s draft today; you can only grade it in five years.

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