Sopranos Critic Quote of the Day

“This is HBO, of course, and HBO is allowed to portray characters taking shits on shower floors, but I think it was Akira Kurosawa who said, “Just because you can show someone taking a shit on the shower floor doesn’t mean you have to show someone taking a shit on a shower floor.” (It sounds better in Japanese.)”

Jeffrey Goldberg, on Slate’s TV Club, reviewing last night’s “Sopranos.” I couldn’t agree more, though I did enjoy the episode, as I love how the season is slowly devolving to the point where we know no good ends are coming for any of the characters. But that shower scene was just NOT necessary.

2 thoughts on “Sopranos Critic Quote of the Day

  1. A

    The real question is whether is was fake or real shit??
    I love the Sopranos no matter what anyone says but my coworker did point out that the last season of Six feet under was way better…I can’t say I disagree all that much.

  2. LilB

    I have to say A has asked the truly tough question of the day. Also: good to see Little Vito called out as a possible Columbine, but I called it minutes before Chris did on the episode. Finally, Little Vito still had a more fortuitous shower scene than did Ed Norton in American History X.


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