Today’s Writings

I consider just how dumb Sheryl Crow is for suggesting we limit daily uses of toilet paper- and why that’s no argument for global warming denialism- in this week’s North Star Writers Group column. Meanwhile, on E-Gear, Nintendo is finally doing something about that Wii shortage– and also, Wal*Mart has NOT agreed to purchase millions of HD DVD players from China for discount sale in the U.S. The whole thing was a false rumor that started with a mistranslated Chinese press release, and just escalated from there.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Writings

  1. Emily

    Steve wrote that it was a joke in his column. I guess you didn’t read it, A.
    Steve…a very well written column as usual, but come on. “Some of us may not be comfortable with the ‘damn dirty hippies’ waving Palestinian flags and Bush/Hitler signs at those rallies back in 2003. But guess what? They were right about Iraq…” No way. I didn’t see any of those people churning out thoughtful columns about how we shouldn’t underestimate the potency of the Iraqi resistance after the deposition of Sadam Hussein at those protests. They were waving “war is not the answer” posters in Che Gueverra t-shirts. They were right about *nothing.* I’ll make the same point you did in your column…just because they never thought we should have gone to war in the first place (“because it’s only cool to do that if I agree with the political motives, in which case, feel free to kill millions”) doesn’t make twenty-somethings with nose rings using the Bushitler junta as an excuse to take out their anger on a Starbuck’s storefront “right.” They didn’t oppose the war for the reasons it’s failing now.

  2. A

    I did read the column and I don’t understand why blogger would waste his time writing a serious column about a joke that was meant to get attention towards an issue. It wasn’t a flap.


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