This Week on E-Gear

A few stories I’ve written in my first two days back at work:
– After the DirecTV thing blew up in their face, baseball is now going after… the Slingbox?
– The Microsoft Surface- pretty damn cool. It’s a computer that looks like a coffee table. And if you don’t have a coffee table- it becomes a coffee table!
– LG may battle the upcoming iPhone with a new product called the Prada- there’s a “devil wears” joke in there somewhere.
– A baby died as a result of an explosion that may have an involved a faulty Xbox chord, so his family is suing Microsoft and Wal*Mart. But… the suit alleges that the Xbox 360 was to blame, which may be difficult since the product wasn’t even introduced until nearly a year after the child’s death. I’d imagine the lawyers for Microsoft and Wal*Mart might mention that at trial.
– AOL used to be at the forefront of everything with the internet. Now, they’re just introducing knockoffs of YouTube and Myspace.
– And, on Dealerscope, the Circuit City whistle blower finally revealed himself. Would he have done it all again if he’d known he’d have to sit next to Hannity?

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