A Sopranos Theory

Here’s a stab: You know the capuccino machine that Paulie gave Tony? It’s bugged/equipped with a camera, meaning Paulie is a rat. My reasons for thinking this:
1. It’s been mentioned multiple times in multiple episodes, making me think maybe it’ll be important at the end.
2. The FBI already tried to bug Tony’s house, but then Meadow moved the lamp. And as John Street could tell you, the feds love to bug their targets.
3. The episode when he and Tony drove to Florida, Paulie talked like he was wearing a wire, asking specific questions about that body they found in the house.
I’m not saying for certain, but it’s just an idea. When this show ends in two weeks, I’ll be prostate with grief.

4 thoughts on “A Sopranos Theory

  1. Jordan Rockwell

    one thing…according to the IMDB, Tony Sirico agreed to do the show on the condition that paulie would never be a rat…

  2. Dave

    Yah, no chance. The Sopranos doesn’t do “Wow, that was a surprise i should’ve seen coming!” type storylines. Surprises (like Christopher’s death) are surprising because there is no lead up to them from the characters themselves. Sorry, M. Night Shamalamdingdong’s schtick isn’t in play here.

  3. A

    I think this is wrong. I mean your theory is allright but I think that someone is playing for both sides as in Brooklyn and NJ not with the Feds. I too will be sad when Sopranos is done.


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