Ruiz’ Revenge

A great sidebar to the Phillies’ win over the Reds on Tuesday, as Philadelphia Will Do pointed out: Carlos Ruiz stole home.
If you have to wonder why that’s significant, then you’re probably not from Philadelphia. When Philly fans hear “Phillies-Reds,” “Ruiz,” and “stole home,” they think of Chico Ruiz, the Reds infielder of the 1960s who, on September 21, 1964, stole home against the Phillies, an event that precipitated Philly’s historic collapse that year, which included a ten-game losing streak. It even led to the firing of manager Gene Mauch, who went on to lose the World Series the following year as manager of the Twins.
So how about that: 43 years later, in another game between the Reds and Phillies, a guy named Ruiz just happens to steal home. Does this mean the curse has been broken? Probably not; the Reds beat the Phils last night. I’ll be at the rubber game tonight.

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