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Ruiz’ Revenge

A great sidebar to the Phillies’ win over the Reds on Tuesday, as Philadelphia Will Do pointed out: Carlos Ruiz stole home.
If you have to wonder why that’s significant, then you’re probably not from Philadelphia. When Philly fans hear “Phillies-Reds,” “Ruiz,” and “stole home,” they think of Chico Ruiz, the Reds infielder of the 1960s who, on September 21, 1964, stole home against the Phillies, an event that precipitated Philly’s historic collapse that year, which included a ten-game losing streak. It even led to the firing of manager Gene Mauch, who went on to lose the World Series the following year as manager of the Twins.
So how about that: 43 years later, in another game between the Reds and Phillies, a guy named Ruiz just happens to steal home. Does this mean the curse has been broken? Probably not; the Reds beat the Phils last night. I’ll be at the rubber game tonight.

Just the Dog in Him

The latest dog controversy is happening right now in New Jersey– and it involves reiteration of an old story:

Pete Georgoutsos was thrilled to learn that his beloved brindle mastiff, a hefty 120-pound dog named Spartacus, had been found hours after a burglar broke into his vehicle and released the dog in Queens last month.
But his elation was short-lived. Within hours he was told that the return of his pet from a Brooklyn animal shelter would be no easy task. Spartacus would have to be neutered, the city told him. A 2000 city ordinance designed to reduce the number of stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs on city streets mandated the procedure.

If only, when they came to get the dog, all the other dogs had just said “I am Spartacus,” none of this would’ve happened.

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Sean Burns of Philadelphia Weekly, articulating exactly how I feel about Mr. Sicko:

A buddy recently quipped that in another lifetime George W. Bush and Michael Moore probably wouldve been great friends. This sounds outlandish at first, but chew on it for a little while.
Both are millionaires who strive to pass themselves off as regular folkstheres not much difference between Moores carefully cultivated blue-jeans-and-ball-cap getup and our presidents Crawford brush-clearing regalia. Both Moore and Bush address the American people in the condescending tone one might take with a developmentally delayed child, and theres never a crisis in our complex modern age that cant be resolved with a simple declarative sentence. Neither gentleman has much interest in gray areas.
Speaking as someone who sees the world as an endlessly complicated and terrifying place, I personally find such reductive black-and-white worldviews profoundly unhelpful, no matter which side of the aisle they come from. I know Im violating the unspoken agreement among good liberal-minded folks, as were all apparently supposed to gloss over the unsavory aspects of Michael Moores methods and demagoguery, at best admitting that his shenanigans and distortions arent any worse than what Rush Limbaugh does on the airwaves every day.
This may be true, but I dont like Limbaugh either. Shouldnt we be aspiring to something better and more substantive?

I haven’t seen “Sicko” yet, but damn “Live Free or Die Hard” was a lot of fun.

Benoit Quote of the Day

Scott Keith articulates the way many of us now feel:

This has gone beyond the point where I can even wrap my head around the situation any longer. Its like theres this guy who was basically a hero to me, who everyone Ive talked to that knew him always said what a great guy he was, who never let me down as a performerthen suddenly hes dead. And sos his family. And its like Oh, shit, thats awful, I feel so sorry for him. And then you find out that he killed his family and then himself. And then you find out that he not only killed them, he killed them in what can only be called a gruesome and ritualistic manner. And ironically, when the WWE is getting more mainstream press off him than at any time before, they suddenly erase him from history, too and distance themselves as fast as possible so that we all know that theyre the victim here.