Given up and left for dead as recently as Sunday (when all the guys at my fantasy football draft declared them so), the Phillies today completed a four-game sweep of the NL East-leading Mets, getting clutch hits, strong bullpen performances, and a whole bunch of other stuff they haven’t been getting all season.
It was quite a series- the Phils won the second game on a Ryan Howard walkoff homer, the third on a 9th-inning interference call, and the fourth in a wild 11-10 game with numerous lead changes.
The lead has dropped to 2 games in the division in what is, believe it or not, the first-ever Mets-Phillies pennant race. The two teams have literally never been good the same year before, as they’ve taken turns being good for about 40 years, and the Braves won every division title for 15 years. The Phils may be dysfunctional, but the Mets now appear even more so.

1 thought on “Sweep!

  1. Dan

    I know its a bit late, but hey, congrats to the Phils for pulling out the sweep. Thankfully for the Mets though, they have found a way to break the Turner Field jinx. Maybe next year they can win at both parks in the same week.


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