Oh, Cole + Other Philly Sports Notes

Cole Hamels, even though he’s 100%, demonstrably right, should know better than to say things like this, from an interview with Bugs & Cranks:

MM: Philadelphia fans: Passionate die-hards or Crazy, maniacal lunatics?
CH: 40% Passionate die-hards, 60% crazy, lunatics and fair-weather fans.

Yea, the talk radio people tend to go nuts when Philly athletes talk like that. Not as nuts as they go when McNabb smiles on the sidelines when they’re behind, but still pretty nuts.
Speaking of Philly fans, this has been making the rounds, from the other night:

In some cities, girls try to break up fights at ballgames. In Philly, they shout out “Get him! Get him!”
And finally, one more Phillies note. The second-half resurgence of Pat Burrell has been one of the biggest surprises in baseball in the second half, especially since the owed-$27-million-in-the-last-two-years-of-his-contract left fielder was the most hated man in Philly as recently as two months ago (well, most hated besides John Street.)
Burrell came up big in the Mets series, with two homers in the fourth game. In fact, Pat the Bat has killed the Amazins for his whole career. As the broadcast kept showing over the series, Burrell is now fifth all time in home runs against the Mets. The four men ahead of him- Willie Stargell, Mike Schmidt, Willie McCovey, and Hank Aaron- are all Hall of Famers, as is the guy right behind him (Willie Mays). The guy behind Mays- Barry Bonds- may make it too, depending on what the voters and the BALCO grand jury have to say.

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