ESPN.com’s Jonah Keri followed up his recent “100 Most Hated Players” list with a trio of newer lists, of the most hated owners, GMs, and coaches. And, big surprise, Minnesota is heavily represented.
On the owner list, the Twins’ only two owners- Clark Griffith and Carl Pohlad- are #11 and 12, respectively, while Norm “Sucks” Green is #17. Red McCombs, perhaps by virtue of owning the team for such a short time, was merely named “honorable mention.” Glen “illegal contract” Taylor is not on the list, and neither is Zygi Wilf- but it does include Bill Wirtz and Ted Stepien, both of whom died in the last week. (No Philly owners are listed except for Ed Snider, and that’s just for the Sixers half of his operation.)
As for GMs, Kevin McHale is #11, one ahead of Ed Wade, while no coaches or managers from Minny make the list. No, not even Mike Tice, who I would’ve put in the top ten.
Overall, Rick Pitino is most-hated coach, Matt Millen most-hated GM, while Art Modell leads the owners.

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