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Mismanagement’s Jonah Keri followed up his recent “100 Most Hated Players” list with a trio of newer lists, of the most hated owners, GMs, and coaches. And, big surprise, Minnesota is heavily represented.
On the owner list, the Twins’ only two owners- Clark Griffith and Carl Pohlad- are #11 and 12, respectively, while Norm “Sucks” Green is #17. Red McCombs, perhaps by virtue of owning the team for such a short time, was merely named “honorable mention.” Glen “illegal contract” Taylor is not on the list, and neither is Zygi Wilf- but it does include Bill Wirtz and Ted Stepien, both of whom died in the last week. (No Philly owners are listed except for Ed Snider, and that’s just for the Sixers half of his operation.)
As for GMs, Kevin McHale is #11, one ahead of Ed Wade, while no coaches or managers from Minny make the list. No, not even Mike Tice, who I would’ve put in the top ten.
Overall, Rick Pitino is most-hated coach, Matt Millen most-hated GM, while Art Modell leads the owners.

The SLUT Train

Funny developments in Seattle, where people are riding the SLUT, according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

There’s a story going around South Lake Union, but a spokeswoman for Vulcan, Paul Allen’s development company, says it’s just an urban legend.
That aside, the story that the neighborhood’s streetcar line now under construction was called the South Lake Union Trolley until the powers that be realized the unfortunate acronym — SLUT — seems here to stay.
Officially, it’s now the South Lake Union Streetcar. But the trolley name already has caught on, and in the old Cascade neighborhood in South Lake Union, they’re waiting for the SLUT.
At the Kapow! Coffee house on Harrison Street, they’re selling T-shirts that read “Ride the SLUT.”

If only they’d actually built Campbell Scott’s Seattle Supertrain, from “Singles,” none of this would’ve happened.

MSG Horror

This Isiah Thomas sexual harassment trial has been like a gift that keeps on giving, both for comedy’s sake and Knick-hating’s sake, with at least one howler in the paper every day. The funniest thing yet? The Big Lead’s take on New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser’s piece:

Also, for pure comedic value, please read nutty Andrea Peyser’s take on all this. If you’re not in NY and you’ve never read her, think about an angry Mitch Albom. Then triple that anger, and you’re in the vicinity. The title of her column: BALL GIRL IN SLICK SWAP OF COUSINS. The guy who sent us this link called it hardcore pornography.’

Every Peyser column is exactly the same: “You know that guy who killed his wife/raped a woman/stole from the government? He’s really, really bad!” Here, she discusses former Knicks intern Kathleen Decker, who allegedly had sex in a car outside a strip club with Stephon Marbury:

The young lady who made her indelible mark on her back – or her knees – in basketball star Stephon Marbury’s truck testified in a loud voice, sorely lacking in diction and grammar, that she currently works making “dreams come true” for poor kids.
But it was clear that the dreams Kathleen is qualified to fulfill involve grown men and stationary cars.
The vehicular vixen talked about the night her life took a sharp turn for the better. It was April 2005 – her birthday – when she visited Sue’s Rendezvous strip club in Mount Vernon.
Her group ran into Marbury and his no-good cousin, Hassan Gonsalves, with whom, in a startling lack of planning, Kathleen was involved in “a relationship.”

The biggest surprise of all this? Marbury has a “no-good cousin,” and it’s not Sebastian Telfair.