Phil From Mt. Airy’s Close-up

Not content to profile a mere WIP sports talk host, Philadelphia Weekly this week actually features a cover story about a WIP caller. It’s Phil From Mt. Airy, a name that should be familiar to any 610 listener, and the piece (backed with quotes from several WIP hosts) implies that Phil is the station’s smartest, most-effective caller.
From the piece, we learn that Phil believes the following about the current Philadelphia sports scene: The Phillies are too cheap, they didn’t offer Ryan Howard enough money, the Eagles’ owners aren’t to be trusted, they need to get a big-time receiver, and Andy Reid should be fired as coach.
You know who else believes all those things? Every single other WIP caller every day, always. Proof positive that calling a radio station several times a day and reciting all the exact conventional wisdom is not only newsworthy, but deserving of a cover story.

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