Film Critic Quote of the Week

Kyle Smith on the very unfunny “Semi-Pro”:

“Semi-Pro goes up for the dunk and misses the hoop, the backboard and the point. It manages to both strike out and get sacked instead. Whose idea was it to remake Slap Shot a la Jerry Lewis?
Two completely different movies strangle the laughs out of each other in an inept 70s basketball comedy. Will Ferrell does slapstick in patterned sateen shirts with matching scarves that speak louder than the script. For no reason, he fights a bear, rollerskates over a line of cheerleaders and has a black mom. Hes doing Anchorman with a fro.”

This movie fails because it thinks the 1970s are inherently hilarious, and therefore thinks that nothing else funny has to happen. Therefore, we get a whole movie full of funny people (Ferrell, Will Arnett, Andy Richter, etc.) doing unfunny things.

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