Strausbaugh Speaks

I pointed out last week how odd it was that New York Press put out a 20th anniversary issue that, on the front cover, included the names of several prominent former writers for the paper, which would seem to imply that they had in fact contributed to the issue. The paper’s former editor, John Strausbaugh, noticed too, and he wasn’t as nice as I was:

I have not been, and would not be, associated with the New York Press since the pigfuckers who bought it from Russ Smith unceremoniously canned me, via a phone call from a flunky, two days before Christmas 2002. Merry Xmas, Mr. Strausbaugh, and rots a ruck. So I was surprised to see my name on the cover of the 20th Anniversary issue (April 23-28). The roll call of fallen heroes on the cover clearly suggests we all had something to do with this issue, when obviously most of us did not, and a lot of us definitely would not… Armonds having written half the issue notwithstanding, the pretense that theres an unbroken timeline connecting the original New York Press to the current version is misleading and disingenuous at best. Using my name to front for this fantasy was, unintentionally Im sure, kind of an insult.

1 thought on “Strausbaugh Speaks

  1. zevelyn kim lee

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