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The Problem With Running For the Senate After 30 Years as a Comedian

Yea, turns out there’s a lot of dirt on Al Franken. There’s an uproar now about an article Franken wrote for that noted home of good articles, Playboy, eight years ago called “Porn-o-rama,” in which…

Franken called the Internet a “terrific learning tool,” writing that his 12-year-old son was able to use it for a sixth-grade report on bestiality.

I said this when I first heard Franken was running: he’s got about 30 years of writings and hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts just waiting to be picked through for “controversial” statements, and revelations of such breaking every week throughout the campaign could very well lead to a loss. Now, several Democratic Congressmen are asking questions, and his former opponent, Mike Ciresi, could even get back in the race.

Film Critic Quote of the week

Ella Taylor of the Voice, on the “Sex and the City” movie:

For one thing, Sarah Jessica Parker dressed like somebody’s eight-year-old daughter; when she had sex, I felt as though I was watching child molestation.

Yes, now that “Sex” is back, all America can resume its mass delusion that Parker is an attractive woman.
I saw the movie the other night at the Philly premiere- one of them, anyway– and let’s just say it’s exactly like the TV show, only (literally) five times longer. If you liked the show, you’ll like the movie, and if you hated it, likewise. As someone who enjoyed the show at times and was infuriated with it at others- mostly because of its celebration of unabashed materialism, and the effect it had on New York women who felt like they needed to live that life and EXACTLY that life or else their lives were empty. I felt much the same way about the movie.
Even more entertaining, though, was the atmosphere at the screening which, as more than one critic has pointed out, was like the female version of the first “Phantom Menace” midnight showings. I especially loved the radio station contests before the movie, where they gave out designer bags and dresses to whichever woman could fake the best orgasm.

“Mad Men” News

Sepinwall has the goods: There’s a premiere date for Season 2 (July 27), as well as a release date for the Season 1 DVD. So if you never saw the first season of this majestic show, you have two months. It’s also moving to Sunday nights, although I don’t think I ever actually watched it live so I don’t even remember what night it was on in the first place.