Don’t Call me S. Hussein Silver

I haven’t made much of a secret to anyone who knows me or reads my writings that I support Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy, I find him the most inspiring candidate to high office (with the possible exception of Paul Wellstone) in my lifetime, I genuinely admire the man, and I sincerely hope that he’s our next president.
Changing my middle name to his, however, is where I draw the line.
A few years ago, when everyone was supposed to add “fair and balanced” to the name of their blog, I thought it was sort of cool. But actually taking the middle name of the candidate you like is another thing entirely.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Call me S. Hussein Silver

  1. LilB

    The article mentions one Sarah Beth Hussein Frumkin of Chicago.
    I’m sure her parents are just kvelling.

  2. jabbett

    I think it would be nice for someone to put together a mini-documentary which profiles inspirational Americans with the name “Hussein”… soldiers, small businessmen, clergy, teachers… Ordinary people who transcend ethnic boundaries and fulfill the American dream. It would be powerful, no doubt.

  3. Dan

    I’m changing my middle name to “S” having been inspired by Harry Truman’s heroic leadership at the end of WWII.

  4. Jeff S

    I’m not sure where I stand on Obama, but I truly dislike how every right-wing hack insists on saying his middle name.


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