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What Took So Long?

News Item: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign
Longtime readers may remember my starting a pool, in the spring of ’07, over who would be gone first: Olmert, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, or Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. Wolfowitz was whacked a month later (the day before my wedding, in fact); Mr. I Don’t Recall departed three months later, Olmert lasted until today, and Charlie is of course still plugging away as Phils skipper.

The Column Equivalent of “So What If I Drove Drunk- I’m Not as Bad as O.J.!”

Ronnie Polaneczky, Philadelphia Daily News columnist:

LAST WEEK, when the feds charged Larry Mendte with snooping into Alycia Lane’s e-mail, Mendte’s attorney treated the news like a non-issue… But it makes him kind of a stand-up guy when compared with another high-profile lowlife whose transgressions also made headlines last week:
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

So Mendte gets a pass because his sins aren’t as bad as those committed by someone with a different job in a different city accused of a completely different crime? I can already hear Kilpatrick claiming he deserves forgiveness because what he did isn’t as bad as Bush and Cheney authorizing war and torture, and… it just goes on forever.

Joe Niekro in the News

Via Shysterball, there’s some news on my second-favorite deceased 1987 Minnesota Twin:

[Niekro’s daughter] decided to use her father’s famed pitch to battle aneurysms. Her foundation, the Scottsdale-based Joe Niekro Foundation, will hold a fundraiser, the Knuckle Ball, in Houston in September for aneurysm research. Money raised will be donated to Houston’s Methodist Neurological Institute.

I like Shyster’s conclusion: “It would be even better if the name of the Foundation’s governing body was ‘The Emery Board.'”

My Favorite Ozzie Quote Yet

As the Twins and White Sox square off again- Kevin Slowey, you rule– it’s time to check in with our favorite crazy MLB manager. According to a non-Mariotti-penned Sun-Times piece:

One topic that gets him a bit riled up is when he is criticized for what some White Sox fans and members of the media deem too much tushy-rubbing when it comes to talking about the Minnesota Twins.
Guillen has gone out of his way to pay compliments to the Twins organization, from manager Ron Gardenhire to their farm system. On Monday, he tried to answer those who criticize him for a perceived man-crush on the Sox’ division rivals.
”I know about baseball,” Guillen said. ”I don’t know if [my critics] know about baseball. Tell the people in Chicago how many playoffs the White Sox have and how many playoffs the Minnesota Twins have since I’m managing and since I was playing.
”They have good players, they build good players, they play the game good. They’ve been playing like that since I was playing, and that’s why I do it.