Monthly Archives: July 2008

Al Franken is Ollie North

No, he never sold arms to Iran, but he is well on his way to losing a very winnable Senate race against a weak opponent amid the rising tide by his own party. Much like when Ollie ran against Chuck Robb in ’94, as the New York Observer’s Steve Kornacki points out. I just hope the Franklin-Coleman race leads to a documentary as great as “A Perfect Candidate.” It would almost certainly be better than “Stuart Saves His Family.”

What Took So Long?

News Item: Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign
Longtime readers may remember my starting a pool, in the spring of ’07, over who would be gone first: Olmert, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, or Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. Wolfowitz was whacked a month later (the day before my wedding, in fact); Mr. I Don’t Recall departed three months later, Olmert lasted until today, and Charlie is of course still plugging away as Phils skipper.