The Last Day of the Season

The Philadelphia Phillies- a team I’ve heard from their own fans throughout the season is “horrible,” “not-well-run,” “doesn’t know how to win,” and “isn’t committed to winning,”- clinched its second consecutive NL East title Saturday, and won again Sunday for a season win total of 92. But if you throw out the last two years, the Phils haven’t been to the playoffs since 1993! They suck!
In round 1, the Phils will play a team that, literally, hasn’t made the playoffs since 1982, the Milwaukee Brewers. Luckily for the Phils, though, Brew Crew ace C.C. Sabathia will only probably get one start in the five-game series, and with Ben Sheets struggling the rest of the Milwaukee rotation doesn’t exactly strike fear in Phillie hearts.
The Brewers’ win coincided with yet another collapse by the New York Mets, who closed out Shea Stadium by losing 4-2 to the Marlins. So yes, the year after the Johan Santana trade, the Mets did not make the playoffs but the Twins still may.
The Twins end the regular season with a half-game lead, with the White Sox set to play a makeup game Monday against what’s sure to be a highly motivated Detroit Tigers team. Hated ex-Phillie Freddy Garcia will start the game for Detroit; I’ll be rooting for Tigers victory, since if the Sox win that leads to a one-game playoff on Tuesday, which is Rosh Hashanah, and I won’t be able to watch. Funny, considering that Game 1 of the ALCS in 1987 was on Rosh Hashanah- and last Rosh Hashanah, Terry Ryan resigned as Twins GM.
There’s only one October. Now with 100% less Dane Cook!

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