Blame It on the Rain

I expected the Phillies last night to either win the World Series or lose Game 5 and head back to Tampa for Game 6. Instead, they did “none of the above.”
In baseball’s version of the Florida recount, Game 5 was suspended in the middle of the 6th inning after the entire game was played in a downpour, leading to an uncommonly sloppy field. MLB announced today that the game wouldn’t be resumed Tuesday either, so a “mini-game” is likely for Wednesday. It’s a first in baseball history, and they’ve been playing World Series since 1903.
Everyone in Philly is killing Bud Selig for allowing the 6th inning to begin (which led to the game being tied), as well as for suspending the general rule that if a game ends after five innings, it gets called and the team ahead gets a rain-shortened victory. Apparently, however, no one knew about this in advance, including the players.
I think Selig was in an impossible situation and chose one of the least-bad options, yet still came off like an idiot, since he might be the least PR-savvy commissioner in league history.
Still, it’s a disappointment that Philly’s 25 years of futility must continue for at least a couple more days. On the bright side, the Phils will resume the series with an extra turn at bat, and the series has been delayed enough that Cole Hamels may be available for a potential Game 7.

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