Monthly Archives: November 2008

Back From the Dead

After one of the worst three-week stretches in franchise history, one in which the obituary of the Reid/McNabb era was written dozens of times, the Eagles seemingly came back from the dead Thanksgiving night, crushing the Arizona Cardinals 48-20.
Donovan McNabb continued his career-long streak of always having a great game after a week-long controversy, while Brian Westbrook overcame injuries to score four touchdowns. And most strangely of all, the team actually used a balanced attack, running the ball more than passing it over the course of the game.
At 6-5-1, they’re still a playoff longshot, but this victory should be enough to stave off the braying jackals away for at least another week. Then again, fan optimism still isn’t high. My father-in-law was trying to sell his tickets up until the day of the game; I joked that doing that must’ve been like trying to sell your house right now.

The Dome Goes Out With a Bang

Yes, that Minnesota-Iowa bathroom coupling last weekend has quickly become the stuff of legend. Highlights from the Strib’s account:

– The woman in involved, a 38-year-old married mother of three, was “so drunk on wine that she doesn’t remember anything about the incident.”
– “I don’t know what happened,” Feldman told the Register. “But I don’t deny that it did happen, because, obviously, there are police reports.”
– Walsh was released to his girlfriend and Feldman to her husband, police said.

That’s funny, I didn’t think the Dome even served wine. One blog called the scene of the crime “Minnesota’s second most-famous bathroom stall.”

Tech Critic Quote of the Day

I don’t agree with everything on Farhad Manjoo’s list of stuff not to buy on Black Friday, but I can’t dispute this:

FM iPod transmitters. It sounds like a good idea: These devices broadcast your music over an unoccupied FM frequency, letting you listen to tunes in the car. But they don’t work. Trust me. Over the years I’ve tried several models in different cars, and none has ever produced a clear signal for more than a few minutes. Your tunes sound like they’re being sent from a distant station while you’re driving through a mountain pass. They’re selling for $20 to $50 this year. For that price, buy some blank CDs and make a few playlists for your commute. Your ears will thank me.

They do work sometimes, but only on long road trips through super-rural areas.

Film Critic Quote of the Day

Slate’s Dana Stevens, tearing apart “Australia”:

It’s a mystery to me how Baz Luhrmann continues to be regarded as a director worth following. A long time has passed since I’ve regarded his lush, loud, defiantly unsubtle output with anything but dread… Audiences without a vast appetite for racial condescension, CGI cattle, and backlit smooches will sit through Australia with all the enthusiasm of the British convicts who were shipped to that continent against their will in the late 18th century.
Over the course of its 165 minutes, the movie plods through at least three apparent endings. (The first one comes one hour and 15 minutes short of the actual conclusion.) Had I been included in that focus-group audience, I could have voted on my favorite ending before the screening was even through. I’d have cast my ballot for whichever one came sooner.

Matthews For Senate?

It looks like a reality, according to 538. For entertainment purposes, I’m all for it. But can he win? I really don’t know. The Franken experience taught us it’s not so wise to run a guy with a 20-year paper trail of controversial writings and statements. Not to mention, the fact that Specter’s a moderate who’s fought back from cancer a half-dozen times could make him hard to beat, age notwithstanding.