Tech Critic Quote of the Day

I don’t agree with everything on Farhad Manjoo’s list of stuff not to buy on Black Friday, but I can’t dispute this:

FM iPod transmitters. It sounds like a good idea: These devices broadcast your music over an unoccupied FM frequency, letting you listen to tunes in the car. But they don’t work. Trust me. Over the years I’ve tried several models in different cars, and none has ever produced a clear signal for more than a few minutes. Your tunes sound like they’re being sent from a distant station while you’re driving through a mountain pass. They’re selling for $20 to $50 this year. For that price, buy some blank CDs and make a few playlists for your commute. Your ears will thank me.

They do work sometimes, but only on long road trips through super-rural areas.

1 thought on “Tech Critic Quote of the Day

  1. Jeremy

    They don’t work well in Boston (or most major cities where other radio stations may interfere), but I loved mine on a cross-country trip I took a couple years ago.


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